From pre-construction planning, project and construction management, estimating
and value engineering to completion, John Holt, Builder manages the entire building
process ensuring clientele receive project information from one reliable, trustworthy
point of contact.

STEP 1   Sales Agreement. During this first stage we sign the sales agreement.

STEP 2    Pre-Construction. Still in the beginning stages, you will finalize design
               selections and pre-order all major materials, such as lumber.

STEP 3    Foundation Set. We make sure you are happy with the layout of your house, 
               because after this stage it's literally set in stone. The foundation stage is
               devoted to the construction of the foundation of your home.

STEP 4    Framing. This is the skeleton of your home. Floors, walls, stairs and the roof
               are constructed, but your home isn't closed in yet.

STEP 5    Exterior Finishes. This stage is just what it sounds like, finishing the exterior 
               of your home.

STEP 6    Mechanicals. At this stage mechanical aspects such as wiring and plumbing 
               are completed. The pipes and wires are still exposed at this stage; there are a 
               few more stages before the interior is complete.

STEP 7    Insulation and Air Sealing. This stage is designed to keep you and your family
               comfortable in the house. Gaps are sealed and insulation is added to keep outside
               air outside and inside temperature to your liking.

    Interior Finishes. This is likely to be an exciting stage for you, as it's when 
               the house really starts to look finished. Your walls and ceilings are filled in; 
               interior doors are installed along with shelving, cabinets, counter tops, mirrors,
               and flooring.


STEP 9    Landscaping. This stage marks the beginning of the end. Your yard is formed
               including any driveways or walkway. To finish it all off, plantings such as trees,
               shrubs, and grass are added.

STEP 10  Closing. Before you can own the home, you'll be walked through the house and
               have mechanical systems and appliances explained to you. Use this time to ask
               questions about how the home operates.



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