John Holt has been perfecting his craft throughout the past thirty years. John's keen
sense of style, product knowledge and high quality craftsmanship is evident in any
project he encounters. John has surrounded himself with a remarkable staff of employed carpenters, subcontractors and suppliers that strive for excellence and offer years of experience. This combination helps aide homeowners and business owners in any of
their project decisions. The company is consciencious about being green sensitive in
today's environment with all the variety of products and services available. They're
able to provide diversification to allow specific options to suit each client's wishes.

The value of a custom home includes everything from the design and build process
to the final quality. At John Holt, Builder, we want you to know that we've been in the business for more than 25 years, and we've simplified a difficult process, transforming
it into a dynamic, creative experience. We understand that your time is precious.
We place the highest priority on your time and the quality of our homes, making sure
that it is the very best value for you and your family's legacy. Your Holt Builder Team embraces the entire project from start to finish with a strict value system. We guide you through each exciting step of the process with expertise and enthusiasm.

Commercial building options from design/build to pre-engineered steel buildings to
remodeling existing building alternatives are offered by John Holt, Builder. Many different
products such as pre-cast panels, brick, stone or steel can be used individually or in
combination to customize a building to suit your requirements.

We provide your business with a distinctive look that complements your branding, while
striving to meet budget is a top priority of John Holt, Builder. Extensive services including
architectural design, engineering and civil drawings are provided. Projects range from
business offices, retail, manufacturing and warehousing.

John Holt, Builder's experience helps homeowners and business owners decide on
the best way to add space or functionality to their existing home or business facility.
We’ll evaluate your existing home or building, work with local code officials and propose
alternatives in clear language to help you decide on the best course of action for the
desired outcome.  Whether you are looking to update an area of your home or work facility,
or increase your home's living area or work facility's space, John Holt, Builder can assist
in your decision.


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